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Athena OS

Users Need an Operating System That Adjusts to Them

It is evident that productivity is moving into an online space. Workplaces and schooling are beginning to embrace remote work. While technology is optimized to increase productivity, it also contains some of the best tools for procrastination. After conducting some research, I have found that many users were distressed by the number of distractions available during hours of productivity is overwhelming.

An Operating System with a Strategy

To address this issue, I challenge myself to create an operating system that is optimized for both productivity and enjoyment – just not at the same time. This type of interface is being slowly pushed by both Apple and Microsoft in “Siri Suggestions” and “Window Start”, but this execution will be a full commitment of user experience influenced by artificial intelligence.

My solution? Athena OS. An operating system that focuses on strategy and optimization. 


Collecting Data

A poll was distributed inquiring about the relationship between entertainment apps and productivity. It was a short poll containing three questions: Do you find yourself distracted by certain apps?“, “Do you think being able to hide certain apps on your home screen would increase your productivity?” and, “How could an operating system help you achieve your goals?”. Fifteen users replied.


Users found themselves distracted by certain apps


Users believe being able to hide certain apps on your home screen increase their productivity

I open apps subconsciously, to the point where I have to delete them entirely because time limits no longer help me. It becomes muscle memory to bypass them with the “ignore limit for today” button. Something that hides my apps entirely and maybe gives me an alternative Home Screen (?) would really help me separate mentally from work and play.

If my operating system would allow me to hide apps during a certain window of time of the day (ie when I’m at work) then I would feel less inclined to use them. Of course, there could also be a setting to access them in case of emergency.


After analyzing data, it became apparent that users were finding themselves overwhelmed by distractions. With this in mind a prototyped was developed. Using AI, this operating system would change its interface to productivity mode or entertainment mode. This operating system was prototyped for four different screens; computer, tablet, mobile and console.

Athena OS by Alysse Baer