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Happy Pet

Website designed and developed in Fall 2021. Current WIP.

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-UX Design

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-Divi Builder

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A Happy Pet is a Healthy Pet

Being a lifelong pet owner, I have grown to notice the flaws in the pet care industry. Pet stores haphazardly educate patrons with information that can often result in the suffering of a pet. It is a vicious cycle that pet owners with the best intentions often fall into. 

Enter Happy Pet. Happy Pet is a passion project of mine, a pet care retailer that strives to only carry the best products and provide accurate education. The goal is to make the journey of pet ownership a little easier by providing a one-stop location to buy products and keep up on the latest pet news.

The Path to Pet Happiness

While Pet Happy will carry all the best vet-approved brands, the site will also host a pet guide database and a blog updated with all the latest developments in pet health. 

The guide will serve as a blueprint for new pet owners. Here, they can find the creature they want to add to their family and review the provided information to see if it will be a good fit. After making this decision, the pet guide will guide the user to the next steps in their pet journey.