NACE Marketing

Mark designed March 2020

Tasks Performed:
-Page Layout

Programs Used:
-Adobe Illustrator

This was a collaborative project I made for the student involvement organization on campus. They wanted a series of flyers that list the benefits of being an involved student leader on campus.

An intern that worked at the SAIL office sent my partner + me a list of f statistics about student involvement. We went through the facts + divided them into eight different topics.

After this, we discussed how to make the flyers look like a series. Consistency is key, so we stuck to a layout and used a very icon-based art style. We also stuck to a color palette of blue and orange, based on SAIL’s branding. They later requested individual topics to have different colors.

The process was very efficient, as I worked on designing a layout and selecting a color palette, my partner found an appropriate typeface + created a series of icons.