Treats ‘n Beans

case study

Treats ‘n Beans Case Study

Digital Design Internship with Responsival   Summer 2021

Tasks Performed:
-UX Design
-User Research
-Social Media Marketing

Programs Used:


Treats ‘n Beans Problem

Treats ‘n Beans is a dessert restaurant that originated in the country of Jordan. When the company chose to branch out to the United States, they decided to call Pittsburgh their home away from home. Located in the neighborhood of Oakland, Treats ‘n Beans offers delivery, pick-up, + dine-in to its customers. While Treats ‘n Beans experiences success due to being in a high traffic area, this success will not keep up in a world that is transitioning online.

Treats ‘n Beans online presence is existent, but not optimal. Taking up space on the internet is one thing, but utilizing it is another. Their website exists with little to no prompts for customers to order or visit, the navigation is overwhelming + disorganized + the branding is mediocre. All of these factors create user friction, which scares potential customers away.

The Solution? Redesign.

The world is transitioning into a digital space. Almost every visit is initiated by a Google search. That being said, a business’s website is their new storefront, and if you want business, you gotta keep it looking fresh. Treats ‘n Beans is in need of a visual redesign, as well as a reorganization of the website’s information architecture.


Who’s Using?

When designing a website, it is vital to identify who is using it. It is important for your website to be built with who will be using it in mind. In this case, it is best to target the people in the area. Oakland is populated with two things, colleges + hospitals. The slides identify three types of people who may find themselves using Treats ‘n Beans website.

After identifying who is using the website, you want to identify what they want to achieve, what they need + what they want to avoid. I also included how a user may post about the brand on social media.

How are they Using?

After identifying our users, a designer wants to imagine how they would use the website. The benefit of predicting possible conflict or euphoria allows for a designer to resolve any points of user friction in the final design.  For this project, I decided to track Kristen’s journey since her situation calls for the most online interaction.

Reimaging the Brand

The neighborhood of Oakland is crawling with youth. Thousands of young adults are poured into the area a year, and all of them are looking for a cool, trendy place to grab a bite. Treats ‘n Beans old logo (left) is stiff and stale, which is not something you want to biting into a delectable treat.

Some of Oakland’s most successful restaurants, such as CHiKN, Hello Bistro + Chickn’ Bubbly, all have playful + graphic branding, which is vital in the age of social media.

A Website that Encourages Return

A website that keeps users coming back is a website that works. How do we create loyal users? By eliminating user friction, installing a breezy ordering system, and creating a loyalty system. These features create a website that a user can depend on. 


Treats ‘n Beans actual website does not include an ordering or loyalty system. Including these elements will encourage users to visit their website rather than Grubhub’s, which currently appears first on Google.

Treats 'n Beans by Alysse Baer